Observed on the second Monday of October, Thanksgiving in Canada celebrates having a successful harvest. It is a time to stop, to reflect, and to be thankful for the blessings we have been given.

Have you as a leader stopped to thank your employees recently? Why do we sometimes find it so hard to say those simple words, “Thank you.” Consider the following as ways to thank your employees.

1. Instead of the cursory “thanks,” when a project is finished, take the time to sit with the employee or the team of employees and learn their thoughts on the project. What did they learn that can be applied to other projects? What aspect of this project helped them to grow professionally?

2. Say “thank you” with something that is meaningful to your employee. A cup of coffee from Tim Horton's may mean nothing to you, but lets an employee know that you are in touch with them.

3. Let your employees shine. When a project needs to be presented to senior management, have the employees involved in the presentation – it's their ideas and their work.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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